QuickPWN 2.2 Jailbreak download for Windows

Finally, the DevTeam has released the iPhone 2.2 and iPod Touch 2.2 jailbreak. Thank the DevTeam for this, they've done a really speedy job in releasing this. You can download QuickPWN 2.2 for Windows. With this easy to use GUI software you can jailbreak and upgrade to the latest 2.2 firmware.

Here is the download link along with some mirrors:

QuickPWN 2.2 Jailbreak Download

if Download above not working? Use any of the mirrors below.

QuickPWN 2.2 Jailbreak Download Mirror 2

QuickPWN 2.2 Jailbreak Download Mirror 3

QuickPWN 2.2 Jailbreak Download Mirror 4

The QuickPWN 2.2 MAC version has also been released for MAC users but right now it's only on a torrent. I will upload it and share it in my next post as soon as I'm done downloading it.

Download QuickPWN RC3

Download QuickPWN RC3 for Free, QuickPWN RC3 for Windows has been released and it supports jailbreaking of iPod Touch 2.0.2, iPhone 2.0.2., and iPhone 3G 2.0.2.

Note: You must be running the iPhone or iPod Touch 2.0.2 firmware prior to running this software otherwise it will get stuck at the pineapple logo.

Use any of the below links to download this new version of QuickPWN for Windows.

Download QuickPWN RC3

QuickPWN RC3 Mirror 1 | QuickPWN RC3 Mirror 2 | QuickPWN RC3 Mirror 3

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Download QuickPWN

Download QuickPWN, QuickPWN was originally released by iPhone-Dev as a jailbreaking tool for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPhone 3G.

It wasn't very user friendly so poorlad (please thank him for this) made a nice, easy to use and sleek GUI version of QuickPWN that allows you to automatically jailbreak your device! What does this allow you to do? As of now it only allows you to jailbreak firmware 2.0.1.

Some users have reported that it works with firmware 2.0.2, but we recommend waiting until the Dev Team releases the official jailbreak. Want to download QuickPWN? Use the link below to download.
And let us know if the link is down.

Download QuickPWN (14.45 MB)